Maze Theory Games

Maze Theory Games asked me to create some fictionalised Public Service Announcements posters for a game ARG.

ARG follows 5 characters and organisations searching for the truth behind the climate crisis that will soon result in humanity's demise. The year is 2032 and humanity has been past the Point of No Return for 5 years. Supervolcanoes are going off. Ancient diseases rip through populations. Food shortages have resulted in a depleted food stock. Yet humans strive on as they always have.

The Earth Dogs are a climate activist group who have become popular for continuing their message despite the irreversible nature of the crisis. They believe we should all Embrace the Change.

Vander Corp, tech company turned superpower, are rumoured to have a solution to the crisis but more than a few believe it was their fracking that caused it. They believe it's still Our Journey, Your Future

The World Relocation Organisation, or WRO is at the helm of mass evacuations across the globe from the Marsili and Stromboli eruptions to evacuations ahead of Yellowstone. They've become embroiled in Drift misinformation however and right wing governments have started suggesting they're deliberately spreading Drift into new populations via their relocation efforts.  

©MMXXI Los Angeles, Calif.
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